Saturday, November 4, 2017


Preliminary fit of rudder cassette on boat.
Navigation lights are integrated into bow pulpit.

Mounting plates need to be adjusted so that they are vertical and parallel to centerline of boat.

Simon Miles cuts notches in chainplates with Dremel tool.

Rub rail stock were ripped from sapele wood.  Each rail has three parts with splices cut with hand plane on this jig

Middle section of rub rail is fitted around lower chain plate. Chocks holding rail section were cut from 1" stock and hot glued to hull.

Rub rail splices were glued on bench top.  Complete rail was then glued to boat.

Starboard rub rail glued to boat and alignment chocks removed. Rub rails will be finished bright.
Simon Miles fabricated the main hatch cover using high density foam and carbon cloth.

Rub rails and toe rails installed on boat.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fitting keel into keel trunk...

To fit the keel into the keel trunk in the shop space it was necessary to rotate the boat 90 degrees.
Simon Miles is sanding the lower end of the keel to fit to the trunk

Sliding the keel into the trunk

and out the other side
Keel fully inserted into trunk.  Black part on the keel
is a delrin bearing that fits into a recess at the bottom of the trunk.

Boot top stripe and bottom paint...

The boot top stripe was my introduction to Interlux Perfection.  Russell Brown has a great workbook that details the procedures for applying this paint with rollers.

Boot top stripe - three coats of Perfection

Taping for bottom paint

Three coats of Petit Vivid black bottom paint

Trailer bunks...

While the boat was upside down, trailer bunk "splashes" were taken using the hull for a mold. The first step was to cover the hull with plastic so that nothing would stick to the hull.  Next came a layer of peel ply followed by 3 layers of heavy glass roving

Half inch high density foam was glued over the glass

The outer edges of the foam were rounded and a fillet was added next to the glass

Three more layers of  heavy glass roving are glued over the foam

A pattern for the plywood portion of the bunk

Starboard aft bunk with plywood glued on and a fillet added
Forward trailer bunk lifted off the hull

More inside work...

Painting on overhead and epoxy clear coat almost done

Monday, December 5, 2016

Some inside work...

Sanding, painting, and final epoxy coating of the overhead is easier to do while the boat is upside down.

Additional glass reinforcing and fillets were added to the overhead
while upside down. Backing plates for deck hardware were also glued
in.  An example of the backing plates is shown above.  These were
fabricated from 0.125 inch G10 garolite.  All surfaces were sanded 
to prepare for paint and final epoxy coating.

Keel trunk

Paint application procedures were tested on a forward panel.  The triangular
  shaped object is the port forward stantion support which was fabricated with
  high density foam covered with multiple layers of carbon cloth.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Fairing is finally complete...

Almost done here.  A last coat of clear epoxy has been applied.
A layer of InterProtect 2000E gray epoxy primer covers the entire hull

An additional layer of InterProtect white epoxy primer has been added to the underwater
part of the hull up to the boot top, about 4 inches above the design water line.

This trailer will be modified with a "shoe" for the lead keel bulb and cradles which will be
built by taking "splashes" off of the hull while it is still upside down.